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Eco friendly news United Nations announce that renewable energy is the big winner in 2008

The United Nations recently published a report suggesting that in 2008 renewable energy supplies won the lions share of the global investment into energy supplies.  Their investment dwarfed that of traditional energy supplies and suggests that the world is finally waking up to their responsibility to change our energy behaviour.


Solar and wind power energy technologies are heavily outnumbering the traditional coal and nuclear power industries spend.


Electronic holiday cards for business are a simple but effective way of contributing to the environmental behavioural change that all segments of international commerce is embracing.  Not only is business changing their behaviour so to limit their environmental impact but they also acknowledge that their brand reputation soars at present with eco friendly behaviour so monetary benefits are often forthcoming when using electronic holiday cards.


eCO2 Greetings have numerous customers from the power industry who have used their electronic cards so its clear that the product complements that of the energy business along with all others.  Its good to have our business attached to others who are similarly dring forward in an environmentally conscious way.

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