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Corporate Ecards for your Sales teams or office staff to distribute

One of the significant advantages of corporate ecards over traditional paper greeting cards is that the coordination of the end to end process is much easier i.e. no chasing signatures, writing out envelopes, no arranging postage etc.  However, many companies who are contemplating the change to corporate ecards might struggle to see the benefits so clearly as they are heading into the unknown and away from a comfort zone. 

One of those comfort zones is likely to be “I get my Business Greeting Cards printed and hand them to my sales team for them to distribute to their contacts”.  When contemplating the use of corporate holiday ecards it is difficult to see how this can be achieved with such ease.  The beauty of their previous method was that the responsibility of the ecard project coordinator could be passed onto others.  With our holiday ecards the ease of use is even simpler with eCO2 Greetings.

If you wish to send the corporate ecards yourself:


With eCO2 Greetings you are free to distribute your Corporate E Cards yourselves.  So quite simply if your standard practice is for members of your sales team or other departments send their own cards then they can just forward on to their key contacts with an e-mail address.


If you want eCO2 Greetings to send your corporate holiday ecards on you behalf:


We provide a very user friendly facility to upload the names and e-mail addresses of the people you wish your corporate ecards to go to.  You can choose to provide the eCO2 Greetings login details to your staff to allow them to upload their recipients or you can ask them to supply yourself as the coordinator the details.


eCO2 Greetings can even offer a bespoke price if a different ecard would be of use to each member of staff to allow them to totally personalize their own but retaining the corporate identity with your company logo, slogan etc.

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