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eCO2 Greetings development project under way for Corporate Christmas Ecards

eCO2 Greetings are very proud of the current corporate Christmas ecards functionality.  We believe we are the world market leading website for personalized corporate ecards.  No other website offers businesses the opportunity to totally customise e cards from a starting point of ultra professional images and animation, no dancing Santas and tacky music here thankfully.  Our corporate Christmas ecards offer you the opportunity to customise your wording, your messages, reduce your carbon footprint, upload a logo that professionally fades into your e card, provide your website details, slogans the ability to edit your designs, the ability to upload e-mail addresses if you want us to send the ecards on your behalf etc.  We simply offer you a rounded marketing tool that can send messages on multiple fronts – thank you, Corporate Social Responsibility, new products, Brand awareness.


However, we are not complacent with the current set up and have decided to invest significantly into our product to provide businesses more choice, an easier design e card journey and much more functionality.  The development of the new technology commenced yesterday with an expected 6 week lead time for project completion.


July 30% Discount


Therefore, if you are browsing now for your corporate Christmas ecards then please do be aware that there is much more to come from the product in the coming weeks.  Please do contact us and we will happily disclose to you how our product is changing (shouting too loud now may let our E Card competitors react).


If you like what you see already and have confidence that our enhanced corporate ecards will be a nice bonus then why not take advantage of our July 30% discount.  Simply design an ecard now and purchase.  Then at any point after September you are free to log into your account and amend your design taking advantage of new designs & functionality if you wish to.

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