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Ecards for modern business professionals

The reality of modern life is that the vast majority of society loves technology and social gadgetry.  Even my retired parents own an iPad, know how to Skype and Face Time their geographically spread family.  Social media (love it or loath it) plays a significant role in how people communicate.  We all pay attention when the news reel presents the latest gadget set to bring something new to your life.


Life in the workplace is no different.  The surge towards a paperless office continues to pick up pace with the enhancements of online document management systems such as SharePoint.  Fewer man days are lost to travel with the impressive powers of video conferencing enabled by video audio technology and vast broadband back haul networks.  And how could I summarise the modern worker without mentioning that almost everyone is provided a smartphone of some description to enable further remote working, instant messaging colleagues and photographs of meeting room wallboards.  Technology consumes and facilitates an efficient working day if used in the correct way.  It is for these reasons and many more that ecards are a perfect fit for the modern business professional.


So what are the latest gadgets entering the workplace?

Technology journalists predict that the next 10 years will be the decade where wearable tech becomes common place.  Wearable tech will bring technology even closer to us by literally being accessories we can wear.  The revolution is already starting with the well-publicised Google Glass shades that allow you to surf the web whilst looking good.

Do you ever struggle to find your car keys on a cluttered desk or on a Monday morning before work.  As reported by Mashable, Bringrr is a new gadget that finds your keys when you call it.  Never again will you forget your mobile phone as it alerts you when you have left it behind.  Sure to save time and impress your colleagues at the same time.

We stumbled upon this fantastic mobile projector from a supplier called Brookstone that seamlessly plugs into your smartphone to project videos and presentations to your colleagues or clients.  I would have benefited from this in countless meetings where I was unable to secure the elusive company projector.  I don’t mind admitting that I would love to show off with this toy.


So if I have convinced you that the majority of business professionals enjoy communication tools that are electronic, different and likely to impress their fellow technology loving peers, e Christmas cards for business are a very obvious choice ahead of the comparatively boring paper Christmas cards.

Send a paper card to a busy professional and it will quickly end up in the bin.

Sending one of our Business Christmas Ecards will impress, be socially shared and have the desired positive effect on your brand.  Everyone’s a winner !!!

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