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New Holiday Ecards for Business coming soon


We are excited to reveal that our product development team at eCO2 Greetings have been very busy in 2014 re-engineering our holiday ecards for business service to whole new levels.  Every good business cannot stand still and that is especially true for us in our digital industry which constantly evolves with technologies that fuel consumer behaviour changes.  We have always had a philosophy of adding new features to our corporate ecards however in previous years those changes have been more subtle so not to disrupt the core product which served our users very well.

However, this year we took the conscious decision to make a large step change in our product.  “By previously making small incremental step changes to our product we were masking that the underlying technology of our product was becoming outdated.” eCO2 Greetings Managing Director Chris Rowson.  “Our customers deserve the best and with product innovation a core value of our company we decided that now was the perfect opportunity to take our Ecards to a new level.”.

Why we will never stand still

Businesses that achieve their objectives are never complacent.  They pull their fingers out and pro-actively evolve their product, support model and commercials before someone else beats them to it.  Standing still for too long is a dangerous risk because dropping too far off the pace in your industry might end up leaving you too far behind the competition to catch up again.

What is new:

At this moment in time we won’t reveal everything that’s coming, because we feel that a picture paints a thousand words so some things will be best witnessed when they are live.  However, here’s a sneak peek at what we have been so busy on:


1.  New intuitive Ecard design process.  As our users design their corporate Ecards their designs update in front of their eyes.  The old technology only allowed users to understand the impact of their selections when viewing the final Ecard design.  This new process will of course be more user friendly and enable our customers to more consistently design stronger ecards for their business.


2.  New Ecard animations will be available to users to enrich their ecards.  For example we will provide different animation options for Ecard messages to appear in the Ecards.  It is a small yet hopefully effective feature to allow our users to customise their Ecards to suit their taste or arguably make them more impressive.


3.  Our corporate ecards will be 100% pc and mobile compatible.  Since 2012 we have ensured that the final ecards that our customers purchased can be viewed on a mobile device however the design process itself had to be completed on a pc or laptop.  That is no longer the case as we recognise that business professionals responsible for organising their Christmas ecards for business are increasingly likely to do so using mobile or tablet devices.


4.  Custom corporate Ecard service.  We have always offered a service to develop ecards using our clients own images.  We recognise that some businesses wish to send a very customised design and so we will reveal some great new templates to meet such needs.


5.  We couldn’t possibly release such impressive product changes without a substantial facelift on our website itself.  Our website is of course our shop window and we will soon release a website that is equally impressive to our business Ecards product.


6.  Just because we like to keep you on your toes there is more that we will reveal later in the year.

We hope that you are as excited as us to see the changes very soon.

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