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eCO2 Greetings Business holiday ecards Small Business Package

eCO2 Greetings are proud to offer our small business package to the market as a means of benefiting from our market leading business holiday ecards. The package allows you to distribute your business e cards to up to 100 recipients. This is rather than our standard package which allows you to distribute to up to 5000 of your corporate clientele.

Why have we chosen to offer such flexibility? As a relatively small business ourselves we acknowledged the need to price our product at a level that appeals to all sizes of organisation. A marketing tool must offer value for the investment. So offering our business holiday ecards at a lower price will help organisations with smaller client volumes utilise our tool as it is intended – to strengthen corporate relationships and help forge new ones.

Its not just small to medium sized enterprises that will be pleased to see greater flexibility in our pricing. Large organizations who don’t plan to send their business e cards to many people will benefit from better value. Especially in today’s economic climate even large organisations must be focused on searching for the least cost solutions when the appropriate quality product has been sourced. Well eCO2 Greetings now offer phenominal value for their business e cards. The ability to plant trees with our product still exists so the carbon offset features make it a two in one product.

Our business ecards are available now even if you are purchasing for Christmas 2009. Just design now, save it, pay when you’re happy, return at Christmas.

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