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Reduce your marketing costs with Business ecards

As the global economy looks to tighten its purse strings the marketing budget is often one that looks to be cut. This could be your worst move. Cutting back on marketing and advertising your company could be the worst thing you could do. You need to generate more custom and arguably more importantly you need to look after you existing customer base as churn in times like these will send you under. However, if you are to continue to market yourself you absolutely must search for the most cost effective means of doing so.

Business ecards offer the corporate sector the cost efficiency that your marketing department or those empowered with marketing responsibilities are under obligation to search for. The cost savings can be summarized as follows:

  • Totally customised products come at a high price in printing. Business ecards come at a fraction of the price. When purchasing in high quantities they are often 400% cheaper than traditional cards.

  • No first class postage expenses – approx 44 cents or 35 pence each.

  • No costs for employees licking stamps, envelopes, writing cards etc

  • No Time wasted worrying about whether they get delivered on time or at all. e-mail business e cards will find their recipients within seconds.

So why would a company sending 1000 cards pay approx £3500 for the product itself and pay £x in internal costs facilitating the product? Business ecards cost a fraction of that and utilise a fraction of your man power to coordinate. What are you waiting for? Tell your marketing colleagues or grab the bull by the horns today.

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