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Improve Online Presence With ecards

Creating an online presence is a great step for a small company, no matter which sector you are in. If you are looking to increase your presence online, then it is a great idea to create ecards along with your other social networking initiatives. Of course, it may be that you are already a part of the online community, having set up your website, Twitter, Facebook and other social accounts, but corporate ecards can be that personal touch which really has the telling impact.

Keeping the momentum going with an online community centred around your business is not an easy task however, so it really pays to keep on the lookout for more innovative online marketing ideas. At eCO2 Greetings, we have the answer to your marketing prayers. Our e cards are the perfect cost effective option for new and developing organisations as well as those in the mid to larger range who want to cut costs and deliver a stunning message to their sizeable client or customer list. Because of the online medium, you no longer have to think about printing or postage costs or the amount of information that you package along with your card since it all can be sent when you are happy with it. Direct marketing like this is not the only benefit however, since our clients are often praised for choosing such a green way to convey their sincerest wishes – largely because we plant 10 trees with every e card!

When it comes to corporate holiday ecards you might be concerned that the online medium makes things less special and more generic. This is why we have created a platform which actively encourages you to include bespoke elements like signatures and personal images. A great idea is to send the embarrassing Christmas office photo with everyone’s signature on it to all involved. You can then create a separate e card for the external, more professional face of the company. This can both help to increase employee and customer loyalty through building on the social networking which you have already invested in. It is perhaps also a good idea to let the customers see who is behind the organisation too – although perhaps the embarrassing office photo won’t be the best idea for that. We have as many as 70 professionally designed cards as well as 40 more background pages and 40 music tracks to choose from. These span the entire spectrum from the fun and zany to the tasteful and classy, depending on how you want to present yourself. Of course, if you don’t want music, then it can easily be turned off.

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