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The green alternative to traditional greetings cards

Traditional greetings cards have long been popular in the UK and elsewhere around the world and businesses have often sent them to customers to help build stronger relationships with them. However, times are changing and now firms are increasingly turning their backs on these items.
It’s not hard to see why this trend is unfolding. Physically mailing greetings cards can be costly when done en masse and it is also seen as environmentally unsound. The paper and card required for the items can really mount up and then there is the transport to consider too.
Consumer attitudes
These days, consumers are looking for companies to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards the planet and so they may be put off by wasteful greetings cards. It might therefore be a mistake for organisations to continue sending old-fashioned greetings wishes.
Another option
Thankfully, there’s no need to completely abandon greetings cards. If you want to wish your customers well, you can take advantage of e Christmas cards for business and other web-based cards instead.
This is a win win tactic. You stand to enhance customer relations by showing your customers that you value them while at the same time highlighting your green credentials. Also, you can save yourself cash compared with traditional greetings card campaigns.
Why choose us?
Our services stand out for a number of reasons. For example, we have the largest portfolio of designs that are appropriate for professional organisations. Whether you’re looking for business Christmas E cards or even business thanksgiving ecards, we should be able to help.
Also, our system is quick and easy to use, meaning you can be in receipt of your E cards in a matter of minutes. This may be welcome news if you’re operating on a hectic schedule and need to send the cards ASAP.
Another advantage associated with using us concerns the fact that we allow you to add personal touches that can help your cards stand out. For example, you can upload and use your signature.
Perhaps even more importantly, we’re cheaper than almost every other leading provider. Saving money on your E cards may be particularly important now given the tough trading conditions affecting firms in Britain and elsewhere.
More details
You might be interested to note that we offer 70 professional designs, 40 background pages and 40 music tracks. Also, we allow you to add links to your website and you can include other corporate details, including your phone number, slogan and more.
Meanwhile, you can have up to four pages of E card and you can customise the page durations.
Also, when you order from us, we’ll plant a minimum of ten trees on behalf of your organisation and you can choose to plant more if you’d like. The third page of our cards display this gesture and it tends gain excellent feedback. To demonstrate your firm’s sense of corporate responsibility further, you can mention any charitable donations your company may have made and if these organisations consent, we can include their logos on your card.

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