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Navigating the E-Card Etiquette: What NOT to Write in Your Corporate E-Card

Season’s greetings, corporate champions and festive mavens! As you prepare to spread joy and good vibes through the digital realm, let’s take a moment to talk holiday e-card etiquette. We’re here to guide you through the perilous landscape of what NOT to write in your corporate e-card, all with a sprinkle of humour, a dash of insight, and a pinch of festive wisdom.

Chapter 1: The Overly Casual Catastrophe

Sure, you want to bring warmth to your Christmas e-cards, but let’s not turn the corporate landscape into a tropical beach. Avoid opening with “Hey Team, Wassup?” unless you’re hosting a luau in the breakroom.

Chapter 2: The Novel-Length Nightmare

In the world of e-cards, brevity is the soul of wit. Save the epic novel for your autobiography. Keep your corporate e-card short, sweet, and to the point. Nobody wants to scroll through a e-card longer than their last quarterly report.

Chapter 3: The One-Size-Fits-None Greeting

Avoid the generic pitfalls. If your corporate e-card message could apply to any business on the planet, it might need a tweak. Personalise it, make it relevant, and steer clear of the ‘Dear Valued Customer’ abyss.

Chapter 4: The Jargon Jamboree

We get it; corporate speak is a language of its own. However, resist the urge to turn your digital Christmas card into a buzzword bonanza. Your colleagues will appreciate a genuine, human touch over a jargon-laden expedition.

Chapter 5: The Political Quicksand

In the spirit of unity, let’s avoid political landmines. Unless you’re running for office, your business Christmas card isn’t the place for political commentary. Stick to universally uplifting messages that transcend the partisan divide.

Chapter 6: The Humor Hurdle

Humour can be a gift, but it can also be a curse. Steer clear of overly sarcastic remarks or inside jokes that only your team of three understands. Keep it light, universally funny, and ensure your humour won’t raise eyebrows higher than the office watercooler.

Chapter 7: The ‘Oops, I Hit Reply All’ Disaster

Before you send an ecard, double-check your recipient list. A holiday greeting meant for the team might not land as well with your clients. Avoid the ‘Reply All’ catastrophe and make sure your message is tailored to the right audience.

In Conclusion: Crafting the Perfect E-Card Message

Now that we’ve navigated the treacherous waters of what NOT to write in your Christmas e-cards, you’re armed with the wisdom to craft a message that resonates. Keep it friendly, professional, and with a sprinkle of holiday magic. Your e-card is a reflection of your brand, so let’s make it shine!

Wishing you a season filled with successful Christmas e-cards, laughter, and just the right amount of corporate cheer. Happy holidays, digital diplomats! 🌐🎄✨

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