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Plan your office recycling schemes #OneWorldChange


Tip – done correctly an efficient office recycling scheme can result in zero being sent to landfill. #oneworldchange

Business recycling

The waste we produce as a species is staggering. A feature of our capacity to produce and create ever more ‘stuff’ for us all to consume is the mountain of waste that grows alongside it. For decades now though, a recognition that resources are finite (the economic reality that we can’t just continue consuming) and of the damage we do through just discarding what we’ve used (the environmental reality that we can’t just continue to poison the planet) has led to increasing efficiency and environmental awareness.

We enshrine the virtue of going green, encourage it, legislate for it, let long term economics dictate it. As a business, probably the first thing we look to do to go green is recycle because it is relatively easy to do and very visible. But the truth is that most business recycling schemes do not do a particularly good job and with better organisation and bolder objectives could move many businesses towards zero to landfill. Here’s another useful article from Sustainable Business Toolkit on how to do this.

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