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Rapid Professional Results With Corporate Ecards

Getting the most from corporate ecards is not a difficult process, particularly when we have rousing music and beautiful designs to add to your greetings. There is an untapped potential in the digital greeting medium that is under-exploited, especially when many consider it to merely be the bog standard picture attached to an email. What you need to do before you begin is open your mind to the possibilities – we have 70 vibrant templates to choose from as well as numerous ways to customise your card so it becomes something that leaps from the screen and captures the essence of what you want to communicate.

The music tracks you can include along with it are of a high quality and fidelity and will demonstrate that you have put more effort in than simply sending an e card through the traditional means – it really can become an art form of capturing the recipients imagination. Our creative designers have originated some of the most poetic and lyrical pictures and designs, from fantastic lifelike moving photos complete with falling snow, to layered images that leave plenty of scope for your messages and logos. Throughout, there can be a strong emphasis on your corporate ideas and practices that is not detracted from by the rest of the card.

Ultimately, you get up to 4 pages over which to impress and convey your sentiments in a method that goes way beyond a simple picture. When it comes to creating Christmas ecards for business, for instance, we have many designs which can capture the spirit of the festive season. The cover image plays with an animation of falling snow and a shooting star against a picture of your choice along with a short message. The next page, should you choose to use it, allows you to upload your logo and include a message to the recipients. As with all pages you will be able to change the logo and any fonts to your choosing as well as being able to upload a background image. Over the next two pages you can include more information such as the fact that we will be planting up to 10 trees for the e card which is a great way to market and ensure that people know that it is an undertaking to send this e card. You will also naturally be able to include important links back to your company site and include any more information that you deem necessary.

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