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Recession cost cutting using business holiday ecards

As the worldwide recession continues more and more of us look to streamline our operations in order to last out these difficult times.  As the bank lending rates have soared the ability for our businesses to operate in debt has become a real threat to our purse strings even where we may have had relatively strong balance sheets.  Once the banking sector stabilises and our ability to lend at a lower cost becomes easier we can gradually expand our investment into staffing, outsourcing and distribution to their original levels if appropriate.

However, obviously we need to continue to sell during this period of decline if we are to survive.  A key to selling is the marketing operations of the business.  The marketing expenditure will be vital in promoting your brand image, reducing customer churn, securing new sales and promoting new products you roll out.  We unfortunately cannot throw masses of money at marketing ourselves during these times however cost effective marketing tools should be explored.


Business holiday ecards are increasingly seen as one of the cheapest means of professionally marketing yourselves.  Greeting cards have been used by businesses for many years however with the cost of stamps, the cards themselves and the labour costs of coordinating, ecards are taking over the traditional product with their significantly lower cost.  Business E Cards do not require any delivery costs and can be arranged in just 5 minutes time. 


Regrettably in times of economic decline many business drastically cut their marketing budget which has a disastrous impact on their sales and their existence.  There are Free Business E Cards out there on the market so a completely cost effective means of continuing your marketing operations however their price does directly reflect the quality of the product.  Hence, if you are in agreement that you do need to market yourselves to survive then a quality holiday e cards for business provider is what you need.


So if you are looking for an ecard provider to reduce the costs you spend on greeting cards or you are looking at going an electronic route for the first time then eCO2 Greetings actually offer you a little extra to their ultra professional holiday e cards for business with our unique eco friendly edge. 



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