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30% off Standard Business E Cards Prices in July

If you like what eCO2 Greetings offer you with professional business e cards and a unique environmental edge then why not take advantage of our July 09 discount. 


For the full month of July 2009 eCO2 Greetings standard pricing for business e cards will be discounted by 30%.


July 2009 discounted pricing:


Small Business Package 0-100 Recipients $99.75 / £66.50 (1 tree planted)
Standard Package 0-5000 Recipients $210.00 / £140.00 (1 tree planted)


What if your business e cards need amending before you need them in December?


Don’t worry.  If you have never used eCO2 Greetings before, the beauty about our product is that you can save designs.  You can log in and amend designs at any point before the date that you have configured the ecards to go live.


What if eCO2 Greetings business ecards release new features?


Don’t worry.  New features that eCO2 Greetings release in the coming weeks will take advantage of the new functionality.  NB – only if you like that new functionality of course.  There will be new designs that you can change your purchased ecards to at the click of a button.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about this.


If you need a helping hand in reducing your marketing expenditure then such discounts to our already bottom end priced product should not be ignored.

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