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Testimonial from Legals for Lawyers

It is hugely important to eCO2 Greetings what our customers thought about our Christmas ecards business. Below is a testimonial from Legals 4 Lawyers who are a UK based Legal Recruitment Consultancy. The professionalism of our product was of key importance to them in the industry in which they successfully operate.

Q. What was your overall impression of our Christmas ecards business?:

A. Legals 4 Lawyers were very satisfied with the quality and the design of the eC02 Greetings Cards for our clients and Candidates. When we received the business ecards, they were very sophisticated with cheerful music and snow. We have no hesitation in recommending these cards not only because of the awareness of saving paper, but also by supporting eC02 Greetings, they will plant trees in dedication for your support which in turn helps the planet in addition to being displayed in your business ecards. We are pleased to support this cause and to eC02 for being so dedicated to championing the cause.

Q. Did you previously send paper based Business Greeting Cards and if so, why did you move to business ecards?

A. Yes, Legals 4 Lawyers previously sent paper Business Greeting Cards and because of the awareness of saving paper, coupled by eC02’s unique Business E Cards, encouraged us to change over.

Q. How did you feel about eCO2 Greetings customer service?

A. L4L thought the customer service was excellent. You answered our

enquiries and were available when we needed to make contact for the design of the Business E Card. You helped us to navigate around the Website.

Q. Did any of the recipients of your Business E Cards comment to you?

A. We received positive comments of what a lovely surprise to find on

their pc.

Legals 4 Lawyers – Specialists in Legal Recruitment St Albans Hertfordshire

Tel: 01727 837961 Fax: 01727 854343


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