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Business ecards can easily be used for multi branch companies

It wouldn’t be ground breaking news to you if we told you that most medium to large organizations operate on multiple sites.  Often they specialize in different fields or may just concentrate on different geographic markets.  However, what is increasingly the case in order to reduce costs and to keep marketing approaches consistent to the group is that businesses will have a centralised marketing operation for the group.  Despite the efficiencies gained from this approach it is often difficult when they consider the greeting cards for the numerous reasons.


If you are a company with multiple branches and are searching for business ecards as an alternative to paper cards then you need to be aware that eCO2 Greetings ecards can easily allow you to cater for your branches as per the following scenarios:


Your branches will want their own branding / details:


This is easily achievable with eCO2 Greetings.  Simple design more than one of your business ecards to represent how each branch would like theirs.  Contact eCO2 Greetings and we will arrange a special price for the package.  We are not here to take advantage but to source you the best and most cost effective marketing solution for the holidays.


The Branches will want to send the business ecards themselves:


This is even easier via numerous methods.  You can send the Master business ecards to your branches for them to forward to their clientèle.  Alternatively you could provide them your login details to upload the names and e-mail addresses of their recipients or alternatively we can provide them an extra account with a carbon copy of the group Business E Cards.  eCO2 Greetings can provide a bespoke price for this feature based upon the quantity of branch accounts you wish for us to create.




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