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The Easy Way to Design and Send corporate holiday ecards

Corporate E Cards are fast becoming the marketing product of choice not only around Christmas time but also for other special occasions which warrant a business to send warm regards to its partners or clients. This is because corporate holiday ecards are not only more impressive than traditional paper greeting cards; they are also far more environmentally friendly too. Naturally, the environment is something which many people and companies care very deeply about so conveying seasonal goodwill in a way that is seen as being very ‘green’ can be very beneficial to a company’s reputation.

If you would like your company’s reputation to enjoy such benefits then you need only have to spend a little bit of time with us here at eCO2 Greetings.

We make the creation of corporate Christmas ecards as easy as A-B-C as our straightforward service enables you to design and approve a suitably festive card in a matter of moments.

Indeed, as long as you have your company logo and company details close at hand, you can jump straight in and get on with the business of designing your card!

To start with, simply click on the ‘Design an E-Card’ page and take a good look at the many and varied themes which are available.  Once you see a theme you like, simply click on it and it will provide you with a quick demo of how it will look. The text included on the previews is just there as an example – naturally it can be completely customised to reflect your own message or greetings later on.

Once you have decided upon a theme, click on the ‘Proceed to Step 2’ link below it.

You will next be asked to select a background for your text and details to be displayed upon. Once again, you can look at a demo of each option. Once you do decide on a favourite, click on the ‘Proceed to Step 3’ link below it.

This next stage lets you choose the kind of music you want to accompany your card. Once again, a demo of each of track is available for you to listen to.

When you find a track you like, simply click on the ‘Use This Track’ link below it (or select the ‘No Music’ option if that is what you would prefer).

Next, you will have the opportunity to select the wording for your E card.  Here you can enter your greetings and messages, add your company slogan, and promote your website, products or services.

Once you are happy with everything you can either preview your card or save it and register to pay. Then at any point prior to your Business E card going live, you can either upload e-mail addresses for us to send your card to on your behalf or request the link that will enable you to send the card to your recipients yourself.

Honestly, it really it is that easy.

Eco 2 Greetings is here to help your business with our selection of high-quality eco-friendly eCards – you can quickly design your own with a choice of templates available, choose from our range of Premium eCards which will include animation, or get something extra special with our completely bespoke eCard service!

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