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Why Christmas ecards for business are Such Good Options for Sending Festive Goodwill

Corporate ecards are now seen by many companies as being the marketing product of choice when it comes to sending festive greetings to partners and clients over the Christmas holidays. Indeed there are a great many reasons why these innovative greeting card solutions are such good options for sending festive goodwill.

They are environmentally friendly

Perhaps the most significant advantage that Christmas ecards for business have over traditional paper greeting cards is their low carbon footprint. Certainly, whilst many thousands of trees are felled each year to sustain the traditional Christmas card industry, business E Cards require no paper at all.

They are cost-effective

Companies that send business E Cards to their partners and clients instead of paper cards can save themselves considerable amounts of money. After all, they relieve companies of the need to pay for postage costs or employ extra members of staff to organise and distribute traditional cards. Naturally, such savings can be very important, especially as the current economic climate is still far from favourable.

They are not time consuming

Another great thing about corporate Christmas E Cards is that they alleviate marketing co-ordinators of the laborious task of chasing directors’ signatures for cards. This means that directors can be left to get on with the more important business of running the company and marketing professionals can actually devote their time to exploring marketing initiatives that will help to drive the business forward.

They provide advertising opportunities

The corporate ecards we offer here at eCO2 Greetings enable companies to enter anything they like on three separate card pages.  Therefore, any company that is launching a new product, service or website will have the means to subtly plug their product whilst sending a genuinely festive message of goodwill to their partners and clients.

They are reliable

Of course, Christmas is an incredibly busy time of the year for the Royal Mail and other global mail delivery services. Therefore, there is always the risk that your festive greetings and messages of goodwill will not make it to your intended recipients if you choose to convey them via traditional paper cards.

Of course, there are no such concerns with festive E Cards as they will arrive literally a second or two after they are sent.

They increase brand awareness

Traditional paper greeting cards rarely provide companies with the opportunity to place their company logo on them in full colour. Fortunately, the business E Cards we offer here at eCO2 Greetings can easily achieve this through interactive means.

They are impressive

The fact that they are interactive means that business E Cards look far more impressive than simple paper cards. Indeed, a nice seasonal scene with actual falling snow and a suitably festive music track will certainly impress recipients more than a paper card that does nothing but stand still.

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