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The Many Benefits Of Sending corporate ecards Instead Of Traditional Greeting Cards

Business organisations and commercial enterprises have long sent their customers traditional greetings cards to help engender stronger relationships with them. However, whilst ‘old school’ greeting cards are still popular options in this respect, it is evident that many more companies are choosing e cards instead.

But why is this?

Well, one reason is that physically mailing greetings cards can be very expensive these days, especially when you have lots of cards to send out. Another reason is that sending out large amounts of paper and card that will inevitably end up in the bin is seen by many people as being environmentally unsound. Moreover, the vehicles which deliver traditional cards need to burn fuel to get them from A to B so this is not really helping the UK (or the world) to reduce its carbon footprint.

The simple fact is that many more consumers nowadays prefer to do business with companies that are able to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards the environment. This is why so many more companies are turning their backs on traditional greeting and are opting to send corporate ecards to their customers and prospects instead.

So now that you know why e cards are such a great option, you will no doubt be wondering where the best place is to get them from.

Well, you’ll surely be pleased to learn that you’re already in exactly the right place as we here at ECO2 Greetings have one of the largest portfolios of corporate e card designs available anywhere on the Web. That’s right; with 70 professional designs, 40 background pages and 40 music tracks it is fair to say that our card design options stand head and shoulders above most other offerings available online.

Of course, it isn’t just our outstanding levels of choice which ensures we are the number one option for corporate Christmas e cards and the like.

One of the main reasons why customers come back to us whenever they want to send out e cards is that they know our design system allows them to add personal touches. For instance, our interface enables you to upload your own signature and add it to each and every card. Whilst this may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, it is these relatively little touches which often have the most impact. In addition, our innovative design system also enables you to add links to your website and include other corporate details, including your slogan and logo so you can rest assured any e card you create with us will be personable as well as professional.

So as you can see, sending corporate e cards really can provide you with a number of key benefits. As well as saving you significant amounts of money on postage and helping to foster good relations with consumers; sending greetings in this way will show everyone just how good your green credentials really are!

Eco 2 Greetings is here to help your business with our selection of high-quality eco-friendly eCards – you can quickly design your own with a choice of templates available, choose from our range of Premium eCards which will include animation, or get something extra special with our completely bespoke eCard service!

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