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Why Christmas ecards for business

Corporate Ecards are fast becoming the marketing product of choice at Christmas time or other special occasions that warrant a business communicating with its partners.  You may be visiting our website or Google searching Corporate Ecard suppliers assessing what advantages the product has over the traditional Business Greeting Cards that are so tried and trusted by businesses across the globe.  We will attempt to make your task easier by summarizing below:


Eco Friendly


The strongest advantage that Corporate ecards have over traditional Business Greeting Cards is their low carbon footprint.  Hundreds of thousands of trees are felled each year to support the card industry.  Corporate E Cards clearly do not require paper.  In addition to this eCO2 Greetings plant a minimum of 10 trees with each company purchasing from them and each company has the opportunity to purchase more at a low price.


Corporate Ecards are cheaper than paper cards


To send 250 Traditional paper based Business Greeting Cards typically costs approximately $800 / £500 for a half decent standard card.  To send to the same quantity of recipients Corporate E cards cost over half that price.  In the current economic climate such cost savings should not be ignored.  There are no postage costs with Corporate E Cards with eCO2 Greetings although many of competitors charge for the distribution of them. 


Due to the ease with which eCO2 Greetings Christmas ecards for business can be arranged, there are huge labour savings to be made.  No need to employ a member of staff to coordinate the Business Christmas cards operation for several days and even weeks.


Corporate E Cards are significantly Less Hassle to marketing departements and more importantly senior members of your business


There is no need for Marketing Coordinators to chase directors signatures for cards and arrange postage.  Directors can be left to their devices to run the organization and not be distracted by such menial tasks.  How would shareholders feel if they knew the CEO spent half a day signing paper cards rather than sealing a multi million dollar deal?


Similarly the time saved by Corporate ecards allow marketing professionals employed by your company to explore other marketing initiatives to drive your business forward.


Brand Promotion is more effective using Corporate E Cards


Many paper based Business Greeting Cards do not offer any ability to place your company logo or often they are black and white.  eCO2 Greetings Corporate E Cards offer an interactive means of promoting your company logo which you have invested years of marketing efforts in. 


Subtle Product Advertisements with Corporate E Cards


eCO2 Greetings Corporate E Cards offer businesses the opportunity to enter anything they like on 3 pages of the e card.  Therefore, if you are launching a new product or have a special offer you have the means of subtly plugging your product whilst sending a genuinely pleasant message to your trusted customer.


Corporate E Cards are more reliable than almost all postal services


Christmas time is the busiest time of year for all postal services across the globe.  Hence, the heavy investment in your Business Greeting Cards is not placed at risk with electronic business Christmas cards as they send exactly when you want them sent and always arrive at their destination.


Good quality Corporate E Cards say something more about your business


Technology advances every day and almost all businesses want to be at the forefront of it.  Many of us impress our clients by being at the forefront of technology and are seen as leaders.  Hence, why not lead the change in the Greeting card revolution with eCO2 Greetings.

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