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Why send ecards instead of a traditional paper cards this Christmas

We’re approaching Christmas, which means it’s time to start thinking about sending Christmas ecards out to your customers and clients. Traditionally, a paper card would have been the only option but now that’s not the case; e-cards are becoming increasingly popular and there are several reasons why they’re actually preferable to their paper alternatives. Here are just a few reasons why…


It’s kinder to the environment


This is probably the most obvious advantage of sending out e Christmas cards for business. First and foremost, using e-cards helps to prevent deforestation and reduce carbon footprints. You might not think that choosing e-cards will make much of a difference but every little helps and if over time more and more people switch to electronic versions, then it really will make a big difference.


What’s more, here at Eco2Greetings, we’re partnered with established charity American Forests who do amazing work preserving trees and forests. For every e-card sold, we will donate 10 trees to amazing projects all over the world.


They’re time saving


If you work in a large company with lots of customers or clients, then it can be incredibly time consuming having to write out a stack of Christmas cards by hand. We’re sure you have much more pressing matters to attend to before you finish for Christmas, and using e-cards can save you a considerable amount of time. Instead of having to write out card after card, you can send them all out at once with a few clicks of a button yet still ensure they’re personalised with unique messages.


They’re more than your average card


Unless you opt for those not-at-all-annoying cards that play music or someone’s voice when you open them, there’s little more to a card than simple the graphics on the front. However, e-cards are much more than that. They can feature interactive graphics, personalised messages and custom music, so you can send out business holiday ecards that are anything but run of the mill.


It’s all about making an impression with your clients and customers and an e-card will do just that. Your customers are much more likely to remember your all-singing-all-dancing card than some off-the-rack paper card, which could give you the edge over your competitors. Explore our website to see the kinds of cards we have available and the different features they have.



These are just some reasons why choosing business e-cards is a smart idea this Christmas. If you’d like to discuss these benefits or would like a quote for sending Christmas e-cards out to your clients, drop us a line on 0845 900 2828 (1-866 939 9029 if you’re in America) or contact us online.


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