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Why your company should stay clear of free Holiday ecards for business


The internet is littered with websites offering free Holiday ecards for business, however they are often free for a reason.  They are engineered on a shoe string budget so lack the investment in top quality features that the corporate sector deserve and expect from an e card product.  eCO2 Greetings offer professional ecards at very competitive rates. 


The websites that offer free holiday ecards are largely the same websites and organizations that offer them to the residential sector.  The residential ecard industry is dominated by free offerings or ones that charge subscriptions.  The customer base demand low level functionality for their low expenditure.  The corporate sector thus inherit these budget products.  The residential sector also expect more humorous ecard themes than the corporate sector so the free holiday ecards seem to suffer from a lack of professionalism.  Most companies would not want a dancing Santa representing their organization, so for relatively low fees you will find business ecards that can portray yourselves in that crisp professional way that you need.


Why would you want cheesy music blaring out at your recipients?  Many of the free holiday ecards have such music accompanying their product.  Many of them are not really what a chief executive of your key client would want to hear.  eCO2 Greetings offer soft classical tunes and the option for no music.


Free holiday ecards for business often generate their revenues by hosting commercial adverts on their website.  So if you send your free ecards to thousands of your trusted clientele they may well be witnessing the advert of another company in addition to your own.  Surely your ecards should only be about your company, your branding and your products.

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