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Why your business clients will prefer to receive holiday ecards

Will your clients prefer to receive a holiday ecard?

There is no getting away from it, we now live in a digital age. Even the birth of the new royal baby Prince George was revealed to the world on Twitter before that official easel announcement was made. In business, most of us prefer to communicate to colleagues, customers and suppliers via email. It is quick, cost-effective and instant, as well as allowing the recipient to read and respond to it when it is convenient for them.

In a similar way, holiday e-cards are now becoming a more popular way of sending out greetings and good wishes to friends, family, customers and business associates alike. In fact, their popularity combined with tougher economic times has said to have been a contributing factor to the demise of traditional card retailer Clintons Cards.
So, when you start thinking about what design you want for your e business holiday cards this year, think instead about sending out business holiday ecards. These will appeal to your customers preference for digital technology and will also save you considerable amounts of time and money. You will not have to drag staff away from the shop floor to help you stuff and address a mountain of cards and envelopes, nor will you have to pay out a small fortune just to post them all – and it really is a small fortune these days.
When it comes to designing your corporate e-cards, you will find our online process really easy. We have a wide range of different design templates available for you to choose from, so take a little time to browse the designs and choose one which reflects your company image and Christmas sentiments. We’ll even show you how to send an eCard to your colleagues
You may want to include additional features to your cards, such as fonts and colours which tie in with your company’s branding, as well as a company image or two if you like. If you have a particular message that you want to communicate to your customers, then now’s the time to get it across. This could be an offer or promotion that you have or are going to have running, or could be information relating to any charitable donations that your company has made this year or other events of note. You will have to check with the charity first, but you could also include their logo as well, making your e-card effectively a charity Christmas card.
Of course, one of the main advantages of sending holiday ecards for business is that it is the environmentally-friendly option. We are confident that this is something you want to tell your customers about, and we even go one step further – whenever you place an order through us, we will plant a minimum of 10 trees on your behalf. We include this message in your design, so all of your customers can be aware that you are working to reduce your carbon footprint.  So what are you waiting for?  Dive into a design or get in touch if you want to discuss if this really is too good to be true.

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