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Why mobile ready business ecards are a must

Mobile compatible corporate ecards are the now, not the future

I will start with a brief history lesson of the corporate greeting cards industry.  Dont worry there is no need to run for cover this will not take long and history never was a strong subject of mine at school.

10 years ago almost every business sent their greeting cards to clients at Christmas time via post.  I think those who coordinated the projects still have a tatste of glue from licking those many thousands of stamps and envelopes.  Managers still have arthritic hands from signing each and every card.  And of course the finance directors always dreaded receiving the invoice for the very costly projects.

In the last 5 years corporate ecards have become increasingly more common place in a businesses marketing strategy.  Almost everyone is either receiving them from clients or choosing to send one themselves.  At eCO2 Greetings we have witnessed this gradual shift that seems to accelerate each year as the cost savings deliver unavoidable attraction and the ability to professionally market your brand during the seasonal period is likewise too good to turn down.  Over this 5 year period the internet has evolved and so too have the many devices that people access the internet.  Especially since 2011 there has been a surge in the use of portable devices we fondly refer to as Smartphones and Tablets.  The problem the ecard industry has faced is that ecards have typically been written in a computer language called Flash.  As its name quite aptly suggest it does play flashy animations and perfectly works with music and sounds.  The problem is that almost all mobile and tablet devices do not support Flash – Not so flashy now is it.

2013 – With over 30% of business emails being read on Smart devices it’s clearly an absolute must that your ecards can perform and convey your marketing message and goodwill to your clients.  So these gadgets that are seemingly taking over our lives have given us at eCO2 Greetings and our competitors quite a headache.  We are however proud to say that we have embraced the challenge and have developed a solution whereby your holiday e cards for business perform on mobiles equally as well as desktop PCs.  Not many in the ecard industry can boast such a claim which is why eCO2 Greetings sit proudly at the top of our industry.

So what does the future hold for ecards?  Being honest with you I do not fully know.  Every day technology evolves, consumer behaviour changes and I grow more grey hairs.  What I can say is that we respect the threats that lurk and are therefore on the lookout for how our product needs to evolve.

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