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Dont wait until Christmas to plan your e Christmas cards for business

Once the temperatures start to drop as the summer retreats for another year many business’s start to consider their marketing needs for the Christmas period.  Christmas is the time of year when almost every business invests some time and money into extending their well wishes to their client base.  Quite often this is the opportunity to let customers and suppliers know exactly how important their continued custom is and the healthy state of their working relationship. 


Tens of thousands of business’s this year will start to look for e Christmas cards for business in October and November.  Some may do so earlier due to printing costs or an availability of resource to do so in a quiet period.  However, ecards offer an opportunity to arrange your Christmas marketing needs early in the year or even at the very last minute.  eCO2 Greetings business ecards can be designed and saved until a later date.  You can purchase at any time when you are ready for the ecards further use.  So if a business wishes to ensure that their marketing needs for Christmas are arranged well in advance then eCO2 Greetings offer the ability to do so in 5 minutes time.


eCO2 Greetings are to introduce significantly enhanced functionality and a wider portfolio of ecards in the coming weeks.  If you are browsing and are interested in what the functionality will be please do not hesitate to contact us.  By purchasing now we will offer you a 30% discount on the standard price of our business ecards.

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