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Governments leading companies to become eco friendly

A small percentage of businesses are responding to their social obligation to reduce their carbon footprint.  They are aware of the need for them to protect our environment but as a bonus they are aware of the financial benefits of an eco friendly approach with vast enhancements in their brand image.  They are utilising such eco friendly tools as Carbon Audits, Low energy lighting schemes and business ecards as a replacement for paper greeting cards.


However, the governments around the world are helping to drive the behavioural change.  In the UK the environment agency has set up a unit of 50 auditors and inspectors who are responsible for policing the Carbon Reduction Commitment policy that their government plan to bring into play next year.  These agents will have the power to search company premises and observe the Carbon utilisation records and power supplies.  The scheme involves selling carbon allowances to firms, hence encouraging them to use less carbon to reduce their overheads.


Approximately 6000 companies are expected to sign up for the scheme as it will have huge marketing potential to the firms that choose to participate.  It is welcoming to see that governments are starting to tak note of the massive environmental challenge we face.  We are not doing enough but this is a start.


Business ecards do offer these government agencies a mechanism to spread their word.  Business E Cards also offer the companies participating in these eco conscious schemes an opportunity to publicise their good work.

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