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Making Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

Over the last few years, we imagine that your company has been making every extra effort possible to reduce its carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly. However, if you’re running short on ideas or struggling to make that change, here are some suggestions to help ease you onto a greener path.
Turn Off Equipment When Not in Use
Modern day offices are filled with electronic equipment. While it may save you a precious five minutes in the morning by leaving your computer switched on overnight, this is extremely damaging for the environment – plus it increases your energy bills too! In fact, switching general appliances off when not in use can reduce energy usage by as much as 25%, and switching off all those computers could save you a whopping 50%. Waiting for equipment to start up doesn’t have to be time lost either – change your routine and make your morning tea or coffee while it’s booting up.
Consider Your Paper Usage
Deforestation is a major threat to the environment, as trees provide valuable homes for animals and play an important role in reducing the amount of CO2 in the air, counteracting the effects of car use. Have a policy in your office that documents are only printed on an ‘as necessary’ basis and actively encourage the use of double-sided printing and purchasing recycled paper.
Also consider how environmentally-friendly your marketing strategies are. This year, instead of sending out paper holiday cards, why not consider sending eco-friendly business Christmas ecards instead? We’re sure your customers will appreciate a company who’s willing to think about the effect they have on the environment and reward your care with sales! Furthermore, our e Christmas cards for business help save the planet even further – for every card you buy from us, we’ll plant another 10 trees!
Save Water
Did you know that taps left dripping at one drop per second can waste 10,000 litres per year? Make sure your employees (and clients, if applicable) close taps tightly after use – and that they are actually able to do so! You could even install valves that help to reduce the amount of water flowing through the tap, plus displacement toilet dams in the toilet reservoir to reduce how much water is dispensed per flush.
We all know that recycling is important, but does your office have effective recycling measures in place? You can easily find bins which clearly demarcate which items can be recycled and where, and you can probably organise recycling collections with your local council or a dedicated recycling company. Ensure that the company which collects your confidential waste also recycles, as this is where the majority of your waste paper will probably end up.
Encourage Transport Schemes
While it may be greener to use public transport, rising costs and shortage of time will mean many of your employees find this a difficult option to pursue. Why not encourage car sharing schemes, bike bonuses and other incentives to help them make their commute more environmentally friendly?

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