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If you dont look after your customer somebody else will

We would like to educate you on how you can keep your relationship fresh and strong with corporate ecards.


With many business’s the investment we make in winning each of our customers is quite significant.  Of course a sale does provide a welcome boost to cash flow in the short term but quite often a sale has a payback period of over 12 months.  Therefore, it is key that your customer is retained for as long as possible to ensure that profits are generated from their custom.  If a customer leaves us within 12 months then we have missed the opportunity we worked so hard to gain.  Corporate ecards are a fantastic marketing tool to assist in reducing customer churn to ensure that the profit is locked inside your business and not leaked to your competitors.  By ignoring customer retention products such as corporate ecards you risk making a loss as customers churn before they turn profitable.


Customers in all walks of life all like to feel valued.  The warm feeling that their supplier cares about them, values their opinions and their continued business.  Therefore, receiving quality ecards from their supplier at a timely interval (Christmas, Easter, anniversary, general well wishes) will be seen as a positive gesture to strengthen their relationship with yourselves.  If customers are nearing their contract renewal date then ecards popping into their mailbox will take 10 seconds of your customers time to remind them that they are in your thoughts.  Of course your customers may wish to still negotiate with you on pricing, product features and service levels however the professional corporate e cards have promoted that conversation with a positive vibe.


Whilst your customer enjoys your products or services you can be assured that there will be a competitor of your courting their business.  Their investment in their signature will extend to similar gestures as corporate ecards or sometimes a lot further depending upon your line of business.  As long as your product is of the quality and price that meets your customers expectations then your competitors can court as much as they like, however be warned not to take them for granted.  Corporate ecards are a simple cost effective tool to let them know they are in your thoughts. 


Ecards can be utilised all year round to achieve our customer retention objective:


Christmas ecards for business are the predominant use.

Easter Business E Cards

Any time of the year – To thank your customer with an e card, to celebrate an achievement or milestone for either of you.

To tell people of your eco friendly approach to business – eCO2 Greetings – will soon launch green themed ecards.

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