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Using Business ecards to show how proud you are of your company logo

Your company logo is a symbol of your organization, one that in most cases you thought long and hard over in its inception phase and often invested heavily in with internal or external marketing consultants.  So its highly likely that you are proud of your logo.  Maybe you thought about your logo even before you started trading.  Maybe the company logo has some sentimental value in who designed it, what inspired you or what it represents.  Or possibly you are proud of the clever marketing idea that is subliminal in your logo.  All of these are good reasons to promote your logo and your brand image.  Business ecards offer corporate organizations a perfect tool to do so. 


We all want our Logo to be remembered so we design something that will be remembered once seen.  But there is nothing better than reprinting that visual image in your clients minds.  eCO2 Greetings Business ecards offer the opportunity for your company logos to be presented on their e cards.  Our Flash e cards are programmed to fade your logos in to create a mini spectacle of your logo to ensure your clients certainly take note of your Brand.  Recipients of your business e cards will be wanting their logo to looks professional.


It is so easy to upload your logo with the new functionality that eCO2 Greetings will be supplying in a few weeks.  The current functionality is good, we just like raising the bar.


Don’t let your Logo collect dust, showcase it with eCO2 Greetings Business ecards.


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