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As part of their annual marketing strategy tens of thousands of businesses will this year invest in paper based business greeting cards.  The majority of them will do this at Christmas time when companies regularly exchange well wishes, thanks and good luck messages via this medium.  But are too many business’s oblivious to the modern alternative that are Corporate ecards or just afraid to change their ways?


Every business is conscious of the way they are perceived by their customers and suppliers.  In todays hi tech business environment we all look to ensure that we are utilising the technology that society expects of us i.e. Mobile Phones, a website, Voicemail on their main contact telephone number, interactive voice recognition platforms.  These are basic examples of what almost all companies have now however 10 years ago these were seen as luxuries or at the edge of technology.  Hence, Corporate E Cards are in their stage of their product life cycle where the world is just awakening to them.  Not only are their cost effective, eco friendly and low effort qualities proving to be appealing but a good Corporate E Cards provider will offer a product which is at the forefront of E Card technology.  Flash technology is evolving at a rapid rate and impresses its recipients more and more, so businesses are looking to capitalise on this technology and impress their clients.


Remember when you saw a client of yours 10 years ago with a mobile phone 10 years ago with a WAP mobile phone or 15 years ago with a laptop PC?  You will recollect wanting one for yourself, wanting to have that positive impression on your customers rather than being a recipient of the good impression.  Professional Corporate E Cards will have an impact on your recipients that will make people want to follow you.  You will be seen as a technological leader which always provides financial results to envy.

If you haven’t already made the jump to corporate holiday ecards for your holiday marketing then consider the thought of leading another technological revolution.  Corporate ecards are taking off and are the present and the future of Business Greeting Cards and Business Christmas Cards.

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