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New Business Ecards for all times of year coming soon



At present eCO2 Greetings portfolio of Business ecards covers just the winter / Christmas period.  Clearly this is the prime time of year when you consider utilizing such a marketing product.  However, eCO2 Greetings have acknowledged that we need to cater for an all year round interest in our product. 


In some industries it is paramount that you regularly touch base with your clientele.  It may be to remind them of their importance to you, to plug a new product or to celebrate a significant milestone in your organization. 


eCO2 Greetings Business E Cards differentiate themselves by other cards in 2 fundamental ways – Quality Presentations & Carbon Reduction.  The promotion of your carbon reduction activities deserves to be promoted all year round so we have designs in progress that will allow customers to professionally enhance or refresh their relationships whilst impressing on their clients their eco friendly edge.


We believe that the new Business E Cards could be embedded at the foot of your e-mail signatures as a warm gesture to your recipients.  For very little cost and effort to implement this could have a powerful impact on your business relationships resulting in stronger financial results and stability going forward.


We look forward to launching our new Business E Cards in approx 8 weeks time, however we welcome enquiries into them to log interest and benefit from a special offer if purchasing a Business Christmas E Card also.


Please e-mail us if you require further details.

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