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Is your business realising what it has got to do to reduce its impact on the environment?  Have your customers and suppliers asked you what your environmental policies are when considering whether to do business with you?  Have you decided that you owe it to the environment to offset your organizations carbon footprint?  Business E Cards with eCO2 Greetings can help answer your questions.


The above questions are being posed every day to thousands of business’s across the world.  So what can we do about it?  There are many companies offering consultancy for firms to reduce and offset their carbon emissions.  These play a huge part in educating companies to improve their environmental awareness and often offer them tools to do so e.g. analysing the areas of impact in their operation.  The costs for these services can be quite substantial depending upon the extent of the activity you contract them to undertake.  However, there are some simple cost effective products to help your organization reduce their carbon footprint.


eCO2 Greeting Business E Cards are an effective means of marketing your business in a carbon neutral way.  Not only is paper saved by not purchasing the traditional variant of the product of Business Christmas Cards or Business Greeting Cards but eCO2 Greetings go an impressive step further with their Business E Cards.  For every customer purchasing Business E Cards with eCO2 Greetings at least 1 tree will be planted on behalf of their customer.  Customers have the option of planting further trees at a low cost.  Their Business E Cards will proudly present to their recipients the quantity of trees that have been planted so a powerfully positive impression will be left with their clients who are sent the Business E Cards.


So if you are struggling to look for cost effective means of reducing your carbon footprint and getting marketing benefits from your outlay then Business E Cards from eCO2 Greetings are an ideal solution.



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