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Impressing your Corporate Clients and Partners with Environmentally Friendly corporate eCards

The concept of sending business greeting cards to corporate partners and clients is one that has been around for hundreds of years. Indeed, even when commercial capitalism was in its infancy, merchants would send seasonal greetings to their loyal customers over the Christmas period to let them know how much they valued their trade. Of course, merchants and businesses didn’t just send seasonal greeting cards to extend festive goodwill; they also did it to market themselves and ‘spread the word.’

However, whilst the concept of sending corporate greetings is still very relevant in the 21st century, the manner in which they can now be sent is very different.

Certainly, if you want to impress your company’s clients and partners in this day and age then you need to embrace the technology of the Digital Age – and that means sending corporate ecards instead of the more traditional variants.


Corporate holiday ecards enable you to show your customers and partners that your company is an organisation that looks to the future rather than lives in the past. To be sure, the beautiful, high-tech flash animated E Cards we offer here at eCO2 Greetings can perfectly illustrate that your business is proud to fully embrace all of the opportunities which the Digital Age provides. Naturally, this can be of great benefit when it comes to looking impressive to existing and potential customers as they will be far more likely to do business with your company if they perceive it
to be dynamic and forward-thinking.


Organising, facilitating and distributing paper greeting cards during the festive season can be a very laborious and time-consuming task for key
individuals in your organisation. Indeed, everyone from directors to marketing co-ordinators constantly have to take time away from their important roles whenever a traditional paper greeting card drive is on; thereby making your company run less efficiently. Naturally, this is not an issue when it comes to sending corporate holiday e cards as these innovative solutions can be created in a matter of moments, require only one signature and will be delivered in a matter of seconds.

Environmentally friendly

We now live in an increasingly environmentally conscious society and as such the use of paper and other resources is under constant scrutiny, not only by monitoring groups and the general public but also by company stakeholders and potential investors.  Indeed, any company that refuses to make efforts in reducing its carbon footprint in today’s world may well be doing itself (as well as the environment) a great disservice in the long run. So, with this in mind, it is worth asking yourself a question: why would your company want to use carbon hungry paper festive greeting cards when carbon neutral corporate E Cards are so readily available?

We think you’ll agree; it’s a pretty good question.

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