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No wonder business holiday e cards are in vogue

In business, it’s important to grease the wheels and this means staying on the right side of your business partners, suppliers, customers and so on. To help ensure you’re on the best possible terms with such organisations and individuals, you have to pull out all the stops in terms of your PR.

Like a lot of managers, you might be keen to send out corporate holiday greetings cards. However, rather than opting for traditional versions that are despatched via the post, it might be a good idea to try out business holiday e cards instead. Lots of bosses around the UK and in other countries are taking advantage of these web-based greetings and it’s not hard to see why.


For one thing, sending cards like this can save you time. Rather than having to physically buy in the items, handwrite them, sign them, address them and post them, you can follow a simple online process that takes hardly any time at all and requires minimal effort.

As they say, in business time is money, so boosting efficiency wherever possible is key.

Enhance your green credentials

Another benefit associated with corporate e cards is the fact that they help you show off a responsible approach towards the environment. After all, traditional cards are more wasteful and use up more resources than their digital counterparts.

So, by changing to electronic greetings messages, you can highlight your firm’s green credentials. Increasingly, consumers and businesses are seeking out organisations that demonstrate impressive levels of corporate responsibility. So, as well as reaching out to others and reaffirming your bond with them through electronic business holiday cards, you can boost your enterprise’s image.

Great to look at

Of course, if the end product wasn’t up-to-scratch, sending cards like this wouldn’t be a good idea. Ill-conceived gestures can do much more harm than good to your reputation.

The good news is, it’s easy to benefit from superb looking web cards that help show your firm off at its best. Here at eCO2 Greetings we offer a large portfolio of professional looking designs and our e cards look like real versions. Recipients can turn the pages, just like with traditional cards, and you can even add your signature to the offerings.

Low cost

Meanwhile, our holiday e cards for business are also great value for money. Particularly now with economic conditions remaining tough, this might come as welcome news. By saving cash when possible, you should find it easier to balance your company’s books.

We’re less expensive than almost every other leading provider and our pricing is simple. We do not throw hidden extra costs at you, meaning you shouldn’t experience any nasty surprises during the ordering process.

Moving with the times

The fact is, the world of enterprise is constantly changing and if your company doesn’t evolve too, you might end up getting left behind.

Choosing e cards over traditional versions is one small way in which your firm can show it is moving on and developing.  To see all of our designs, just take a look around our website.

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