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The Waste Mountain of Coffee Cups

October 27, 2016 By Laura Brothers

We are a nation of caffeine addicts. It’s estimated that 50 billion paper coffee cups are being thrown away in the USA every year. Most of us like to think we’re doing the right thing with the empty cup, and throw it into the bin marked “recycling,” but it has…

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The misconceptions of going green

October 6, 2016 By Laura Brothers

All kinds of misconceptions and false ideas circulate regularly regarding the environment and the actions we can take to be more environmentally friendly – but the truth is that many of these “eco-friendly” practices are doing more harm than good. We reveal the truth behind the hype.

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Washing your hands of microbeads

September 22, 2016 By Laura Brothers

For years, cosmetic manufacturers have been adding microbeads to their products, and every year nearly 3 trillion of these microbeads spill into our rivers, lakes and oceans, representing a serious threat to our environment the very moment they are washed down the drain. This is the number of cosmetics that…

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The Impact of Rising Sea Levels

July 12, 2016 By admin

If global warming and climate change continue at the current rate, our planet will change dramatically over the next 1000 years! Our infographic shows you how.

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The Scale of Deforestation

April 26, 2016 By admin

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7 Easy Ways Your Business Can Go Green (and the Multifaceted Benefits of Doing So)

August 4, 2015 By admin

  Yes, yes, we’ve all heard the rumblings; we all need to do more for the environment. And while some people embrace this push whole-heartedly, others feel like it’s a bit of an obligation, a hassle, another task added to our ever-expanding to-do lists. And for many that’s a real…

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20 More Ways That You're Killing the Planet

July 22, 2015 By admin

A few weeks ago we highlighted 20 ways in which you are killing the planet. Following interest in our previous post we decided to conduct further research into this subject. Here are 20 more ways in which you’re killing the planet: 21. A large latte – 340g CO2e This…

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20 Different Ways That You’re Killing The Planet

July 8, 2015 By admin

Ever wondered what the carbon footprint of a cheeseburger is? No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway! We’ve spent the past few weeks researching the carbon footprint for over 100 different everyday items so that we could compare them against each other. For example, did you know…

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From “Fuel Sippers” to “Gas Guzzlers”: What to Consider When Looking for a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

June 23, 2015 By admin

Owning a car is a must-have in most people’s lives in this day and age, however, there are cars which are more harmful to the environment than others. As the climate changes and our concerns for the environment grow – many of us are reconsidering our lifestyle choices – especially…

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